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I have built a number of sites with VSD. I would like to start using the style sheet maker. Do these two play well together? If I create a style sheet, how would I use it with VSD? I really feel like I need to start using the style sheet maker program, but am at a loss for using it with VSD. Any help would be appreciated.

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It can be used for styling the body, but pretty much everything else is contained in divs with names that don't stay consisitent. So, anything on the page will need to be inserted using the html tool if you want it syled with an external style sheet.

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If my understanding of CSS is correct, the entries lower on the html page take precedence, over any above that point. Is this correct? If so, does that mean I would need to manually (html editor) remove the VSD style info and insert the CSS sheet that I created? Or at the very least, make sure the CSS was inserted below the VSD entries? Thanks

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All things being equal, that is true, but since your styling is going to be applied to elements that need to be inserted using the html tool, you can use IDs and classes to insure that the correct styling gets applied, regardless of the fact that some of the VSD styling will come after the link tag you insert for the external style sheet.

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Yes, it might be better to let CSS be your guide and not the HTML.
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Are there any plans for making Style Sheet maker work with VSD? I'm thinking you could use CSS for generic things like menus, and other layout items that are common across multiple pages and then use VSD to customize the unique elements on each individual pages. Is there a way to do this?

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You can reference a style sheet in VSD. Just add the needed code to a HTML box and your off and running. The only thing is ounce you start working with CSS you'll be hooked and want to use the HTML editor.:D
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So I'm starting to redesign it now, per our other thread ( Eric ) with VSD BUT having a hard time with trying to work the more sophisticated stuff that I'm used to working with in WordPress now ( like the java on those acronyms ) into the VSD. It's like I'm darned if I do and darned if I don't.
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