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have you tried entering a specific target tag to your URL's? right now they are basically responding to the _blank style tag which is setup within the photogallery itself. But maybe try adding the _self tag or something similar to the ends of your links to see if that works? Not sure if it will but it's worth a try :)

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There is nowhere to state the target for each individual link. C'mon guys there must be a way to do this and if not should it not be considered for the next release as I think a lot of people want this!

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CC Photo Gallery is a self-contained script that resides on an page of HTML. It's designed to present pictures in its own window, either automatically or by selecting a thumbnail preview image.

It's not designed to link to code outside of the script, and it's not designed to present other HTML content, either inside the window that normally displays the enlarged images or in another browser window. This is outside the concept of the program as it exists. The playing around with xml code that some are recommending is fine for experimentation, but it goes beyond the concept of a simple photo gallery.

There are free scripts available that can be included in a page and accomplish this task, but CC Photo Gallery is a program that creates a Flash slideshow. It doesn't allow for, or control, page navigation.

I'm sure CC programmers can do just about anything you can imagine, but I see this functionality as a separate application, not an addition to an existing one.


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Well said. The software creates a folder containing the full-sized images and establishes links to them. The fact those links open in a new window (or tab) is browser-dependent and not the fault of the software at all.

There are other galleries out there that do other things, and for the most part what a couple (not a lot) of people are asking for is something best coded yourself so you can create the landing pages for each image. No software is going to do that for you--not that I've seen, at least.
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