display two images over each other, to replace one pic

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Trying to replace one pic with two pics that will scroll/change every so often. display rate is not critical right now.
Using CC Editor 12 build 375 and CC Photo Gallery v 5.96 build 4.
Also using a CC template.
I will put up the site as a preview as the actual site is live already.
Preview: http://www.lazrweb.com/kirby

actual site: http://www.kirbyfiberglass.com

Tried to use CC Gallery, took out all captions, etc... so it will just display pics (two)
Problem is it pushed the text under/below the pic(s).
The text displayed just to the right of the pic as on http://www.kirbyfiberglass.com
(will not change live site until issue is fixed.)
Is there another way in HTML to display two pics, one over the other without the use of the gallery?
Thanks in advance for any and all help.

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If I had to guess after looking at your css a bit it looks like you have a


In the css of the img tag for the image of the house, but the gallery you added doesn't have that setup for it as it's not an img so you'd need to add a css class for the gallery and set it to float:left; also and that should fix that issue. Good luck on it :)

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If not try gif animator

Dont know if this might work for you : http://www.coffeecup.com/gif-animator/

I used it here :: bottom two images :: http://www.chauffeurdrivenluxurycars.co … scars.html
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